5 Secrets of Sports Performance Training Everybody Should Know

When most people think about sports performance training, they imagine professional sports training camps and leagues of professionals with clipboards and performance charts. What you might not realize is that sports performance training can help anyone in any walk of life!

What is Sports Performance Training?

Sports performance training is exactly what it sounds like—training to help you get better at a specific sport. If you’re a high school, college, semi-pro, or professional athlete, this could mean helping you run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. But you don’t have to have pro aspirations to benefit from sports performance training!

Have you dreamed of participating in (or winning) a local tennis tournament? Dropping your handicap and beating your boss on the links? Running a marathon? Sports performance training can help you improve in whatever your sport may be using a principle called “specificity” which targets your goals and helps you achieve them faster than you thought possible.

Still not sure sports training is right for you? Here are five reasons why every athlete, serious or casual, should consider performance training!

Relax, You Don’t Have To Be A Pro

Think the word “training” is a little too serious for you? Let us reiterate: you don’t have to be a pro to get great results from sports training! Whatever your level, performance training can raise your game in ways you never thought possible, with benefits including increased speed and agility, greater strength and stamina and injury prevention. Bottom line, if you’ve got a pleasure or passion sport, then sports performance training can help you play better, feel better and enjoy a greater sense of accomplishment while pursuing a totally casual sporting life. More than anything, training is all about helping you have more fun!

Not So Into Sports?

Now you might be thinking, “It’s not that I don’t want to be a pro…it’s that I’m not good at sports at all!” And that’s ok! Sport performance training doesn’t have to be all about improving your tennis, golf, or basketball game—the benefits extend into your everyday life and can make fitness training more enjoyable and entertaining even if you’ve never picked up a club and beaten anyone ever…at Golf, of course! Even if the sportiest thing you’ve done in the last ten years is to regularly carry groceries up two flights of stairs, you can still reap the rewards of sports training that works to strengthen the muscles in your back, arms and legs. This kind of training is an excellent way to help you better move and function in daily life, and it surely will make it easier to scale Mount Everest or a couple flights of stairs back to your home base.

Forget Sports, You’re All About Lookin’ Good

Ok, ok, so sports training can help you get good even if you’re only a weekend warrior style athlete. But what if you’re really, really not interested in getting good at a sport?

Well how about this—do you like the idea of getting healthier, trimming down, and looking better than you ever thought possible? Because this is another benefit (some would say the biggest benefit) or sports training! Sports performance training can be just the right game plan to look your personal best. By working out sports style, you’ll discover that this kind of training is well suited to give you confidence, great posture and one seriously rockin set of six-pack abs. The same exercises used to get world-class athletes to the top of their game can also be used to sculpt and shape your body in a way that brings more game in the nightclub than you’d ever dreamed possible.

Got Issues? Not For Long?

Feeling hurt or actually injured? Sports performance training is designed to get you overcome it safely and effectively. A careful athletic trainer can help you tackle the toughest mental and physical challenges you face as an athlete, or person for that matter. Through a regular and thoughtfully prescribed regimen of conditioning and rehabilitative exercises, you’ll find yourself feeling better, more confident, and motivated. It can be a truly uplifting form of exercise for a whole host of issues. Clearly, this style of training is beneficial when recovering after an injury and can also be used to strengthening muscles to prevent further injury. A certified trainer with experience in rehabilitation can help whip you into the greatest mental and physical shape of your life. Just remember, if you’ve got old injuries or current problems areas, be sure to share all the details of your condition with your trainer (prior to any exercise) so that they can recommend the most appropriate exercises you’re your condition.

Hey Sport, You’re Never Too Young (or Too Old!)

Whether you’re young and just developing agility and muscle memory, or more senior and wanting to maintain strength, range of motion, and stability, performance training can be invaluable to both your game and overall health and fitness. In fact, you might be surprised by the typical sports performance client! As it turns out, most people who seek athletic training are not pro athletes at all—they’re regular people just like you who are interested in staying in shape. Remember—maintaining your fitness level is the key to aging gracefully and living a long and healthy life!

Sports Performance Training for Everyone

Sports performance training isn’t just for elite athletes, anyone can benefit from working with a personal trainer that has the knowledge and expertise to design a program that uses sport specific training principles. Find out how you can improve your sports performance no matter your sport, age or skill level by calling Elite Physique at 301.325.7300 – be sure to ask about our FREE initial fitness consultation!

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