Meet Rasmus Larsen – Soon to be the NBA’s Newest Center

Standing 6’10″ tall with a wingspan over 7 feet in length, Rasmus Larsen is a towering opponent. The 19 year old hails from Denmark, and after recovering from a shoulder injury that left him out of commission for a full season, he’s back in full force and ready to take his talents to the pros.

One of the top prospects of his year, Rasmus has proven formidable during Eurocamp the last few years. Following Eurocamp, he came to us for some advanced training. Here he is helping us welcome our new squat rack:

Rasmus Larsen and Kevin Maselka welcome the new squat rack at Rockville Fitness

We’ve helped take Rasmus Larsen to the next level, and while he won’t be participating in the draft this year, we’re pumped to see where his career will take him.

If you’re ready to bring your game up a notch, call the trainers at Elite Physique today!

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