Group and Team Training

Do you want to get in shape, but don’t want to go it alone? Would you prefer to work out with a friend, so you both can experience the punishment (er, fun and excitement) of training together? Call Elite Physique! Our personal trainers offer small group and team training, whether you want to work out with a friend or you need training for a high school, college, or professional sports team.

For group or team training in Rockville, Maryland, call Elite Physique today—301.521.7300 or click here to contact us online!

Small Group Training

Almost anyone will tell you that having a friend to work out with is one of the best ways to stay consistently motivated. That’s why the trainers at Elite Physique offer group training for anywhere from two to four people at once. But don’t expect it to be any easier! We structure our group training sessions to make sure they’re just as challenging as individual personal training sessions, and you can expect to rotate efficiently between moves so that everyone gets the same quality workout. But don’t worry—you’ll still receive individual attention to ensure you’re performing all the moves properly to avoid injury and maximize effectiveness!

Training with close friends can help you:

  • Stay motivated and accountable for your own success
  • Challenge yourself and each other
  • Grow closer to your friends as you suffer (sorry, work hard) together

Small group training discounts are available, so contact Elite Physique today!

Team Training

The team that sweats together, bonds together. And when it comes to high school, college, or professional sports teams, a close-knit group can reach higher heights than a loosely connected bunch of skilled athletes! Elite Physique offers custom athletic training programs for teams in any sport that will not only make individual members stronger, faster, and more explosive, but will also improve the group dynamic as a whole. Whether your team needs to work on general fitness or you have sport-specific goals in mind, our team training programs are designed for optimal results come game day.

Our team training programs are designed to help your athletes:

  • Run faster, jump higher, and hit harder
  • Have more endurance to last longer during a game
  • Suffer fewer injuries and be more resilient on the field
  • Work more closely together in a challenging but friendly environment

Athletes and sports teams we’ve trained in the past credit our unique and proven effective training methods with helping them bring in more wins when it counts. Whether you need short-term, off-season, or year-round training, you can expect fantastic results when you call the trainers at Elite Physique!

Small group or team training can keep training fun while helping you achieve results faster than you ever thought possible. For more information or to sign up for a training session, call Elite Physique today—301.325.7300 or click here to contact us online!