Get In Shape

Are you a high school, college, semi-pro, or professional athlete looking to trim down and cut weight before the season starts? Are you new to exercise and ready to drop the TV remote and pick up the dumbbells? Whether you’re looking to reach that next level of fitness or you finally want to lose the flab and reveal your sexy, toned arms, legs, abs, and butt, Elite Physique can help you get and stay in shape with the right combination of personal training, nutrition counseling, and motivation you need to achieve your goals.

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Start Next Season Stronger Than Ever

Once the weather changes and the playoffs are over, sport-specific training often shifts to general strength training and conditioning. So if next season’s coming up and you want to hit it harder and faster than ever before, call Elite Physique! Our unique, time-tested training methods have helped hundreds of professional athletes from across the country and around the world get and stay in shape, and we can help you develop the all around strength you need to dominate on the court or field.

Never been to the gym before? Not a problem!

If you’re not an athlete, going to the gym for the first time can be intimidating. That’s where the trainers at Elite Physique come in! We’ll design a personalized workout routine for you based on your goals and current fitness level, one that will not only help improve your strength, endurance, and muscle tone, but will also help you feel more confident to pursue your goals even when outside of your training sessions. We’ll show you what equipment to use, how much weight to lift, how many reps and sets to perform—everything it takes to get and keep you on track.

Convenient Workouts that Fit Your Schedule

We all have busy lives, and it’s not always easy to find time for a workout routine. That’s where Elite Physique comes in! Sessions are one hour long, and we have convenient morning, evening, and afternoon times available to meet your needs. Best of all, if you belong to a gym that allows outside trainers, we can come to you! It’s never been simpler to get a fast paced workout that will test your limits and get you in the best shape of your life—just don’t call it easy!

Nutrition Counseling for Success

These days, there’s more nutrition advice out there than ever before. Unfortunately, more is not necessarily better! Proper nutrition is the key to getting in better shape, but since so much nutritional information you may read is misleading, contradictory, and downright wrong, it can be extremely challenging to figure out what you should be eating. The trainers at Elite Physique have worked with hundreds of clients in the Rockville, MD area, and we can help you determine the optimal nutrition strategy to help you lose weight, gain strength, and look and perform your best.

Start Getting in Shape Today!

Whether you want to cut weight, increase power, and start the season off right, or you want to improve your health and fitness for more personal reasons, the personal trainers at Elite Physique can help you get there. Give us a call to learn more today!