Sports Performance Training for Cyclists

Cycling is a sport that requires hard work, dedication, and a killer training regimen. And at Elite Physique, if you bring the first two, we’ll supply the last! We’ve been training professional and semi-pro cyclists for years, and we know what it takes to help you ride harder, recover faster, and reduce injuries. Our coaches take a unique approach to cycling training that combines with the training you’re already doing and will help you see noticeable improvements faster than you ever thought possible. Dominate the road—call Elite Physique today at 301.325.7300 or click here to contact us online!

Strength Training for Cyclists

A lean, powerful body is essential for cycling. At Elite Physique, our training programs are designed to build strength through your whole body so you can put everything to the pedal.

Most people think of cycling as a quad-dominant sport, but in order to reach the next level, you need strong hamstrings, glutes, and calves to assist the quads, as well as strong arms and core to keep your body in line and moving. Our trainers target every part of your body, improving your all-around strength with a focus on helping you improve on the bike.

Endurance Training for Cyclists

Fatigue will ruin even the best cyclist—it goes without saying that as your body gets tired, you’ll start to slow down and put yourself at an ever-increasing risk for injury. Our endurance training routines will help you power through longer and longer rides, improve your body’s ability to clear lactic acid, and improve your recovery time for after the ride. If longer rides are your goal, call the trainers at Elite Physique today.

Flexibility Training for Cyclists

Without proper training, the repetitive motion of cycling can lead to muscle and strength imbalances over time. As a result, it’s important that you stay flexible as long as you choose to ride—and the trainers at Elite Physique can help! We provide manual stretching at the end of each workout to keep you loose in the hamstrings, hip flexors, and chest, and can add flexibility training to your routine to make sure injuries are never a problem.

Whether you’re an amateur, semi-pro, or professional cyclist looking to reach that next level, or you just like to ride on your own and want to get stronger and improve your athleticism, call the trainers at Elite Physique today. Our cycling training programs will help increase your skill at and enjoyment of the sport so you can keep riding for years to come.